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Timetable of fibre broadband roll-out for next 14 months announced

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Programme moves up a gear during 2014 as work begins in 25 more areas

Work has begun in the next 25 exchange areas to benefit from the £24.6 million Connecting Shropshire programme. On Friday 7th February, partners Shropshire Council and BT today announced more details about the areas where people will be able to start accessing faster fibre broadband over the next 14 months.

The exchange areas are:

  • Bayston Hill
  • Bomere Heath
  • Broseley
  • Bucknell
  • Chirk
  • Church Stretton
  • Cleehillstone (Clee Hill)
  • Cleobury Mortimer
  • Clun
  • Craven Arms
  • Cross Houses
  • Dorrington
  • Hadnall
  • Hanwood
  • Highley
  • Much Wenlock
  • Pipegate
  • Prees
  • Quatt
  • Queens Head
  • Shawbury
  • Shifnal
  • Tenbury Wells
  • Wem
  • Whixall

The high-speed technology is expected to start going ‘live’ in Bayston Hill, Bomere Heath, Bucknell, Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Cross Houses, Dorrington, Hadnall, Hanwood, Much Wenlock and Shawbury from this Summer. The other exchange areas will start to go live later in the year and will be shown as ‘future exchanges’ on the Openreach where-and-when pages, see:

After several months of planning and surveying work, engineers will begin putting in the fibre optic cable and new roadside cabinets that are needed for people to get access to the new fibre broadband network.

At the same time fibre broadband will be extended in the parts of Bridgnorth, Ludlow, Market Drayton and Oswestry not already covered by any commercial rollout.

Work to connect the remaining exchange areas in this particular phase will begin in the second half of this year, with the majority completed by the end of Spring 2015. By this time more than 30,000 premises are expected to have been provided with access to fibre broadband, marking the half-way point in the Connecting Shropshire programme.

Connecting Shropshire will continue to keep people informed of the progress of the programme in these and other areas via the website, Shropshire councillors, parish councils and regular updates in the media.

Connecting Shropshire is a partnership between Shropshire Council, BT and the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) that will enable more than 62,000 rural or very rural homes and businesses in Shropshire (excluding Telford and Wrekin) to access faster broadband.

The combined investment from Connecting Shropshire and the private sector’s commercial roll-out plans will mean 93 per cent of homes and businesses in the Shropshire Council area will have access to faster fibre broadband by the end of Spring 2016.

Shropshire homes and businesses will be able to order fibre broadband from a wide range of internet service providers as the network is available to all providers on an open, wholesale basis, thereby ensuring competitive prices. To check whether you can access fibre broadband services contact your internet service provider.

Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council Cabinet member responsible for broadband, said: “Following on from recent announcements about communities getting fibre broadband ahead of schedule, and further phase one communities due to get fibre broadband by the spring, we are building confidence in the programme as a whole to bring faster broadband to the current and future generations”.

Mike Cook, BT’s regional director for the West Midlands, said: “It’s a huge engineering project that we’re undertaking here in Shropshire, but we’re committed to connecting communities as quickly as possible whilst of course planning carefully to ensure the project delivers the best value for money from the investment.”

“The internet is playing an increasingly important part in all our lives which is why the strong progress being made by Connecting Shropshire is so important.”

Rizvan Khalid, Executive Director of Euro Quality Lambs Ltd based in Craven Arms, said: “Faster fibre broadband gives businesses like ours the ability to use the latest internet-based software to increase both productivity and communications within our business and externally with key suppliers. It can’t come soon enough!”

“Once we have faster broadband we are planning on experimenting with VOIP telephony systems which will help our roaming team stay in touch better, simpler and most importantly, cheaper. Much of our data is backed up online so a faster service means we’re not waiting so much and we can be more productive at our desktops.”


Some of these exchange areas cover premises in neighbouring local authorities. Homes and businesses in each local authority area are the responsibility of the respective broadband programmes in Wales, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Telford, Worcestershire, and Herefordshire (Fastershire). Links to these programmes can be found on the following page of the Connecting Shropshire website in the ‘Bordering Counties broadband information’ section:

Chirk exchange is located in Wales, but Connecting Shropshire has the responsibility for providing access to faster fibre broadband for homes and businesses in the Shropshire Council area.


  1. Any idea when SY4 3HR will go live?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      The post code is not in this programme’s intervention area. You are served by Openreach/BT commercial programme and therefore need to contact your ISP for details.

  2. David Macdonald

    Just echoing one of the questions above – when will Ellesmere be connected please? You seem to be rolling out fibre to places with five houses, 10 people and a couple of sheep but not to us with 2500 inhabitants and loads of businesses. The performance of the existing exchange at Swan Hill is patchy to say the least. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE bring fibre optic to us soon!!!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      This is a very large scale programme throughout Shropshire and will run until 2016, obviously we cannot complete every area at the same time. We hope to start work in the Ellesmere exchange area next year and we will provide more information on our website when we are able to do so.

  3. I understand that the Highley exchange is due to be upgraded this year. Could you please advise of likely timescale. My postcode is WV16 6PF. Billingsley is located about two miles from the exchange and my property about half a mile outside the village. Could you advise if we might benefit from any increased bandwidth.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Work should start in the Autumn of this year for Highley. The distance from the enabled cabinet, line length and quality all determine the speed uplift you will get and therefore we cannot give you any figures but generally speaking you are close enough to benefit.

  4. When is Terrington St Clements date for fibre connection please, I have looked but cannot find out. Thanks

  5. do we know when Shifnal is likely to go live. there has been significant work lying cables and would be great to hear of an imminent go live date?

  6. Hi,

    I live in Tenbury Wells and see that our twojn is on your list. Can you give any more details on when this service might be coming our way?



    • Connecting Shropshire

      On the doployment area tap it has Tenbury Wells listed as phase 3/4 so work starting in the Autumn of this year. We will post community announcments nearer the time.

      • Thanks very much for your reply, will your deployment also encompass the large proportion of Tenbury Wells which is in Worcestershire?

        • Connecting Shropshire

          We will be working on enabling structures that serve Shropshire premises. You can use the post code checker on the 1st page of this webiste to tell if you are in the Shropshire programme. For Worcestershire premises you need to check with the Worcester programme

  7. Please can you tell me why Chirk is left until last? Is it because it’s in Wales? When do you think that the exchange will go live? All I can get is 2meg of broadband speed that only just plays iplayer – its extremely frustrating to say the least. We seem to be on the end of Wrexham’s priority list and now BT’s. LL20 7RS

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Please refer to our deployment information. Chirk is not last but listed in future exchanges phases 3 / 4. There are 9 phases in the programme.

  8. Hi, I wonder if Heath, Craven Arms will be in the programme. Stoke St Milborough exchange should have gone like I believe, so will it reach as far as Heath?

  9. Hi, at SY45SL I’m currently served by the Wem exchange, but the local loop is 4+km long, so band width is very low and latency high. Will I see any benefit when Wem is served with fibre? If not, is there any plans roll out fibre to Loppington and Nonely?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Yes there are plans but still subject to evaluation and survey. The distance from the exchange is not so relevant with fibre, the distance from the cabinet you are served by is more relevant. The post code you have provided covers more than one cabinet area. We will announce the area plans when we are able to do so, please keep watching the webiste.

  10. Connecting Shropshire

    Your postcode is in the Connecting Shropshire programme area, the programme runs until 2016, No specific dates avaialble for your exchange area yet.

  11. Please could you let me know when (if ever) decent broadband speeds can be expected at SY12 0JL as it’s not even possible to watch a utube clip 90% of the time.

  12. Connecting Shropshire

    We have not got an exact date but it should be soon.

  13. I understand Pontesbury exchange is now live with FTTC. Do you have a date when cabinet 5 (SY5 0UJ) will be live? Thanks

  14. Connecting Shropshire

    Your premises are in Telford & Wrekin and are not covered by the Connecting Shropshire programme.
    As I understand it, phone lines cannot be switched from one exchange area to another.

  15. Hi, can you give me any details of when Shrawardine will get ours -SY41AH,

    Many thanks.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      The cabinet that serves your postcode area has been upgraded with fibre broadband by Connecting Shropshire but, because of the distance from the cabinet down the copper line to SY4 1AH, your broadband speed has not increased. Although I’m sure that this is disappointing news, we have committed to providing at least 2mbps to every premise in the Connecting Shropshire programme by the end of Spring 2016.

      Whilst I can’t give you any assurances, as the programme unfolds we are hopeful that we’ll be able to use new technology to address situations like yours to boost the signal and increase broadband speeds.

  16. Hi I live in Great Chatwell, last week a company CASS have been installing the superfast broadband cable down Lynn Lane. This cable passes our gateway approx. 5 mtrs from front door ( I have checked and my exchange TF109BJ will not be connected). Can we be connected to another exchange.

  17. Connecting Shropshire

    Hopefully work will start in the area this year.

  18. Connecting Shropshire

    You are served by the Ryton exchange as you say. The location on the Openreach Where & When website is incorrect, the marker having being placed in Ryton, Dorrington. We have alerted Openreach to this error and it should be rectified soon. Hope this did not cause too much confusion.

  19. Any idea when the Nesscliffe exchange will be connected? it is confusing to see tiny rural hamlets connected before big villages.

  20. I have been told by BT that my postcode is in the area to be upgraded but they stated Dorrington exchange. As this is near Shrewsbury this seems odd as we are TF11 9BZ and close to a tiny exchange in Ryton, Shifnal NOT the Ruyton near Shrewsbury. I would be thrilled to learn that we ARE in fact in the programme. Thanks.

  21. Connecting Shropshire

    Your post code is in the programme, we anticipate work starting in your area in 2015.

  22. I live in a new build in hanwood. SY5 8NQ. Will I get fibre and when can I order

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Work has started in your area already, hopefully going live ikn the summer months.

  23. We are at SY4 5TB and served by Cockshutt exchange, Can you say where we are in the timetable.

  24. Connecting Shropshire

    Cabinet 22 in Tasley is being upgraded with fibre broadband by Connecting Shropshire and should be live at the end of April. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, we announce cabinets as they go live, meaning people served by those cabinets can contact their internet service provider to take a fibre service with download speeds of up to 80mbps.

  25. Cabinet 22 Tasley Bridgnorth. I had seen this being upgraded and had hoped it was for fibre optic. Also waiting with baited breath for a switch on date or information. I am due to change supplier and a date will then help me choose.

  26. Connecting Shropshire

    Prees was in our announcement in February giving the exchange areas that will be able to start accessing fibre broadband in the next 14 months. Please check the status of your exchange on the
    Openreach checker

  27. Could you tell me when the Prees exchange will be uprated and will SY132HL get Fibre?
    Speeds vary from 4mb to zero.

  28. Connecting Shropshire

    It is coming soon, keep an eye on the checker status

  29. Nice to see Cabinet #22 in Tasley, Bridgnorth has got a Fibre cabinet now located alongside it (nice tidy job by the contractors). Just awaiting the switch-on and data to appear in the BT availability checkers.

  30. Any idea when fibre will be connected in Halfway House? The boxes all appear to be in place. Thanks.

  31. Connecting Shropshire

    Quatt exchange is in the last announcment with suggested availability of mid – end this year. Please check the following website for status changes

  32. Hi

    Please can you confirm ? My postcode is WV156EP I believe we come under Quatt ??.. Will we get fibre broadband and approximately when – thank you I currently work from home and planning future workloads

    Many Thanks

  33. TF9 , Cheswardine exchange not a mention, very dissapointing!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Please use the post code checkers on our website to find out if you are in the programme. Full post codes are required. The announcement is for the areas in the next 14 months, the programme runs until 2016 and further announcements will be made.

  34. Can you advise when All Stretton (SY6 6HG) is likely to go live?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      That post code is served by the Church Stretton exchange which is in our phase 2 announcement, see the ‘projected deployment map’ tab on the website.

  35. I live in SY38SQ. The connecting shropshire website says ‘The information we have available indicates that your postcode is in an area where fibre broadband is being provided commercially. To see if you have access to fibre based broadband please contact your internet service provider.’
    How do i find out if/when SY38SQ will be connected to superfast fibre broadband? Who can i contact to ask specifically abou this?

  36. Hello. This roll-out is great news. Just wondering when Lee Brockhurst (SY4 5QG) can expect Fibre Broadband?
    Thanks in advance

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Thank you for your comment, you are in the programme plan but not in the next 14 month announcment, therefore the proposed deployment will be 2015 subject to evaluation & survey.

  37. Hi. Do you have any information about Marshbrook exchange? The Openreach website states it is Under Evaluation.


    • Connecting Shropshire

      Please use our post code checker to find out if you are in the programme. The programme will run until 2016 and those exchange areas that are still to have surveys and evaluation completed will show as Under Evaluation. We will continue to make announcements to communities when we can.

  38. Hi, could you tell me when the Burwarton exchange will be included and go live please?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      It is anticipated to be included but as it will not be in the next 14 months it has not been included in the recent announcements. Please use all the checkers on our related links page to find out if you are in the programme area and look out for exchange status changing. Thanks

  39. Does the fibre broadband work at the Whixall exchange mean that Tilstock will be enabled as well?

  40. Is there any more news as to when ford will be connected as i am nearing end of my broadband contract and debating whether to renew.The last few days there has been bt vans on the roadside and was wondering whether there was any progress

  41. Forgot to say I am in Buildwas

    • Connecting Shropshire

      If you are in the Shropshire council area of the Ironbridge exchange then you should be in the programme, please use the checkers on the related links page for confirmation. We will send announcements of areas and communities as and when possible. Thanks

  42. When can I expect a faster service than I get at the moment, when will fibre be up and running

  43. I notice that Ellesmere is not on the latest list, could you please give me an idea of when we will get the fibre broadband?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Ellesmere exchange area is in the programme which is due to run until spring 2016, we will provide further information when we are able to do so. Thanks

  44. Please could you send me your best estimate for when Welshampton ( SY12 0PG ) will get super fast broadband. Also, please could you tell me what I should reasonably expect to be receiving at this moment in time.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Your post code is in the programme. It is anticipated your exchange area will be 2015, subject to survey and evaluation. We will announce areas when possible to do so. In term of what is currently available to you it would be best to contact your ISP. Thanks

  45. Is there any chance that Clunbury might be connected?!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      If Little Brampton is your telephone exchange then we are bringing fibre to that exchange area, without your post code I cannot be sure. Please use the checker on the related links page on our website . Thanks

  46. Pleased to see that Cleehillstone (Clee Hill) is to be upgraded; however we are supplied from Clee Hill via Knowbury sub-exchange. Will we benefit from this upgrade at Whitton, SY8 3AA?

  47. It looks like those living in rural areas are going to have to wait again. We’re on the Knockin exchange and it was a struggle to get access to Broadband when that was rolled out. In those days on (a very poor) ‘dial-up’ you had to ‘vote’ on the BT site to get to the required number to even be considered – we didn’t even get close, but fortunately Government policy lead to us getting Broadband in the end. Here we go again, but at least Knockin has gone from ‘No plans’ to ‘Under Evaluation’ – but I’m not holding my breath!

  48. I see Quatt is now in the 14 month programme. Is there any indication yet when Alveley is likely to go live, within that time frame?

  49. hi ,when will we be connected in Longden
    please. thank TP

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Longden is served by Hanwood exchange which is in cluded in this blog article advising expected to ‘go live’ by Summer.

  50. When will fast internet come to SY8 3EH? I barely even reach 0.4mb download speeds. Thanks.

  51. Do you have any estimate as to when the Bettisfield exchange, covering SY12 0PP will be upgraded, please?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Your post code is in the prgramme, Bettisfield is not in the next 14 months so please look out for future announcements

  52. Will the Norton exchange be part of the Bridgnorth broadband improvements? In Sutton Maddock we come under Bridgnorth and used to pay council tax to Bridgnorth.

  53. Well done Louise, the more times our plight is brought to the notice of those in authority the more chance we have of not being the “7%” left behind. I am led to believe we have 4Mbs within 600m of our village, that would be a vast improvement for the time being!!!!

  54. If an exchange is being upgraded will every one on that exchange be treated equally? or will distance from exchange still be a factor?
    We are on Hadnall exchange & live at Yorton Heath.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      It does depend on the structure, FTTC depends on the distance from the fibre enabled cabinet.

  55. Could you please give me some idea when our village will be connected please. Our postcode is WV16 6AG. We are a small hamlet and at the moment have extremely limiting broadband speed ie would have to wait an hour to download just one youtube clip !!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Middleton Scriven is in our programme but as yet we have not completed our surveys and planning therefore most likely 2015.

  56. Great to see bayston hill is finally getting fibre.

  57. What is the timetable for connection for Clun – I see other local villages are due for connection in the summer 2014?

  58. This week they started putting a cabinet at the end of my road. (Drake Close, Underdale)

    I assume this was because of you so thank you very much! Might finally get decent broadband!

  59. Hi,
    We are in SY43RW and I believe we are covered by the Bomere Heath exchange – is that the case? and will the village of Myddle get the high speeds even though it is some distance away?
    Many Thanks

  60. Hi,
    Do you have any time scale for the St Martins area ?

  61. Hello, we would like to know when Uffington, Shrewsbury will receive fibre broadband. Our area is under the Connecting Shropshire Programme and our nearest village and our exchange which is Upton Magna is shortly being enabled thanks to your scheme however, we don’t seem to be getting fibre within the next 14 months. I would think it would be sooner considering that nearby villages are being connected so soon. Our community would benefit greatly and the sooner we are connected, the better.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Upton Magna was in our announcement of communities in January. Many Uffington residents should be able to order fibre based broadband service within the next few months.

  62. Does the Dorrington exchange cover SY5 7LT? Thanks

  63. Very disappointed that Ellesmere is still not listed despite many much smaller hamlets and villages being progressed. We also have extremely poor mobile connections, but hey!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Thank you for your comment, It is impossible to enable all areas at the same time, this is a very large scale engineering programme and will run until 2016.

  64. Thank you for your update. Is it possible to get some sort of time estimate for the Wern? SY107LH
    All my contacts are overseas and I require to transmit some heavy data in the near future and I suspect this will need to be done from another location.

  65. Please can you tell me whether the Summer 2014 roll out (Craven Arms, etc) will include outlying rural hinterland such as villages in the Corvedale? (Diddlebury, Westhope, Aston Munslow, Munslow, etc.). Thank you.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Hello, If you would like to email the programme with more specific address details for these villages that you are interested in then we will endeavour to provide you with an answer.

  66. When will fibre be going live in Ford? I spoke to the engineers about 3 weeks ago and they said fibre was connected it was just waiting to go live

    • Connecting Shropshire

      The fibre cabinet in Ford should go live by the end of March, please check with your internet service provider to confirm availability.