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A look ahead in 2015

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As winter begins its slow, begrudging, retreat we look ahead to this summer and which exchange areas we’ll be working in.

Openreach engineers installing fibre cable – pulling it through miles of underground ducting.

The plans for later this year are being finalised so exact locations are still to be confirmed, however the exchange areas that we are confident that, all being well, we’ll be seeing at least one new cabinet go live in are listed below. So, in alphabetical order, they are:

• Bucknell
• Clive
• Cressage
• Ditton Priors
• Ellesmere
• Great Bolas
• Knockin
• Lee Brockhurst
• Munslow
• Pipegate
• Prees
• Queens Head
• Richards Castle
• Seifton
• Stoke St Milborough
• Tenbury Wells
• Wem
• Whixall

If you don’t know which your exchange area is, you can find out using our interactive map and availability checker here.

Several of these are exchange areas that the programme hasn’t previously worked in and will see the fibre network continue to grow as we work towards the target of providing access to fibre broadband to as many premises in the Shropshire Council area as possible.

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