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Case Study: Hundred House Hotel, Norton

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On what was a cold, wet and windy morning, we pulled up at the Hundred House Hotel in Norton eager to get inside for shelter from the elements. We were greeted by warmth and comfort before meeting with co-owner David Phillips, who has recently overseen the hotel’s upgrade from standard to fibre broadband.

The Hundred House Hotel in Norton basking in the sun

David said: “We upgraded to fibre broadband as soon as it became available to us mid-February and we have already noticed improvements in our connectivity. Prior to upgrading, we were getting download speeds ranging from 2mbps to 4mbps, but now we’re regularly getting download speeds of 70mbps.”

David continued: “We have ten bedrooms and a very busy office. We run all of our credit card transactions over the internet, and our previous speeds did cause us problems. For example, we’d have guests visiting from London complaining they couldn’t connect to the internet because we simply didn’t have the bandwidth. With fibre we no longer have these issues and we expect to be able to target business people in the future with the knowledge we can provide them with a strong and reliable internet connection, along with a comfortable stay.”

David Phillips, Co-owner of the Hundred House Hotel

Located in the village of Norton in between the iconic Ironbridge Gorge and Bridgnorth, the Hundred House is ideally situated. David said: “Although we are in a great location, we still need to have the facility to advertise and promote the business. Fibre broadband has made this significantly easier allowing us to increase our online presence through better website management and more effective social media activity. David went on to say: “We also store all of our bookings in the cloud now. While we still take bookings over the phone, many people now book online so a cloud-based system helps speed up the process and makes it much easier and simpler for ourselves and our customers.”

The Hundred House is not just a hotel and restaurant. It is also a great venue for weddings, conferences and events all year round and enjoys an excellent reputation. David adds: “We completely refurbished the barn in 2001 to make it a suitable venue for events. Since then, we’ve played host to many successful occasions – weddings, conferences, birthdays etc. However, while these have been undoubted successes, the poor broadband speeds and connectivity were noted. Now we have fibre broadband, all of the previous connection issues are removed allowing us to further improve our offer and make us more competitive. For example, little things like DJ’s in the barn now being able to download songs on request can make a big difference to customer experiences whether it be individuals at weddings or businesses at conferences.”

David Phillips, Co-owner of the Hundred House Hotel

Throughout our conversation, David painted a picture of enhanced potential in the future for an already thriving business. David said: Having a reliable and fast fibre broadband connection has certainly given us peace of mind. It’s encouraging for us that we can now plan for a future that better utilises modern technology; not just for the running of the business, but to improve the customer experience, whether that be staying in one of rooms, holding a wedding or conference or simply joining us for a drink or food. On a personal note, it’s nice to be able to catch-up with The Archers via the iPlayer radio app while posting invoices!”

Asked if upgrading to fibre broadband is something he’d recommend, David replied: “It can only be a good thing, so for me it was an obvious decision. It’s not costing us any more than standard broadband and we’re getting a much better service for our money. Add this to the opportunity fibre broadband brings, it’s a no-brainer!”

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