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May 2016 newsletter

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The latest newsletter has just been uploaded to the website, follow this link /wp-content/uploads/2016/06/201605119-Monthly-update-May-2016.pdf to read about what’s been going on in the programme recently.


  1. For the past year or more, I get a standard response: “Your cabinet is enabled for Superfast fibre however you’re not able to order fibre just yet. This might be because the length of the line is too long to get Superfast speeds. We’re actively looking at other options.”
    When can anyone tell me a definitive plan? How long does it take to actively look at other options?

  2. Except for a handful of subscribers who have F.T.T.P connections, the Advertised Broadband speeds are a pack of lies. 99% of broadband connections are still F.T.T.C which, because they connect the cabinet to the customer by means of A.D.S.L , can never carry a high speed service. DID YOU KNOW THAT… An ISP who promises you a download speed of 100 mbps but only provides 1.5 mbps cannot be prosecuted because you are paying for connectivity and it is being provided. !!!!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Fibre to the Cabinet does rely on the copper lines from the cabinet to the premise, but does provide download/upload speeds of up to 80/20mbps, depending on the distance from the cabinet down the copper line.
      Regarding actual vs. advertised speeds, please see the following page on the Ofcom website about the Code of Practice that most ISPs have signed up to which ensures that you get accurate information about the speeds you can expect to get:
      If you’re unsatisfied with your service, you should consider switching to another ISP.
      Connecting Shropshire team