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Project Gigabit – autumn update

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Building Digital UK (BDUK) has issued its Autumn Update, see: Project Gigabit Delivery Plan – Autumn Update

BDUK summarise the contents of the Report as follows:

“This Autumn Update includes more information on how we plan procurements, expanding on the Public Review classifications we reported in the Summer.
Further information is also provided on our approach to Gigabit Vouchers. Where significant voucher projects are underway, we are looking to keep momentum by deferring other interventions, even in areas where we are procuring, such as Cumbria, Northumberland and Durham.
Finally in this update, we provide more information on the evaluation of the benefits of our Superfast Broadband programme, including the latest independent assessment calculating that between £3.60 and £5.10 of benefit is generated per £1 of net public sector spending.”

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