Connecting Shropshire


5G is the fifth generation mobile telecoms technology, which promises exponentially faster download speeds and data-sharing capabilities.

The biggest difference between 5G and its predecessor generations is the opportunity to develop the Internet of Things (IOT) on a significant scale. This remains the real economic and social ‘game changer’ that can potentially revolutionise data-driven industries and infrastructure management. This is because it’ll be possible to have many more devices working, reliably, securely and uninterrupted in the same geographic area.

The 5G evolution will present multiple new business models and connectivity opportunities that potentially can be monetised. It is this technology emergence that Shropshire Council is eager to explore, evaluate and exploit (where there is a business case).

Working with partners across the West Mercia area, Shropshire Council will participate in a project of government-funded trials to assess the potential of 5G technology. For more information, please see:

A number of people have previously contacted Shropshire Council expressing some concern about the potential health impacts of 5G. Shropshire Council and other Local Authorities aren’t responsible for setting emission safety levels for mobile phone networks. For further information on 5g and health, please see: