Connecting Shropshire

Broadband coverage map, July 2017

Connecting Shropshire has created a map to which allows you to search for your premise using your post code, see:

Please note that the dynamic map has a number of data layers. These are illustrated in the legend in the top right hand corner of the map. By default all the map layers are turned on when you first click on the web link. Because there is a lot of information to display the map, once all the data has been loaded you can toggle the relevant layers on or off by ticking the respective classifications.

When you left click your mouse pointer on the dot on a premises you will be able to see a ‘pop up’ label that illustrates the property attributes in relation to the map legend.

If you have any questions, please contact Connecting Shropshire by email at:


Please note that the map consists of two layers; a base map layer and an address point dataset layer. Both represent a snapshot of the datasets, which are not necessarily taken at the same time. For example, newly built houses may show on one layer but not the other and houses which have been built very recently may not show on either layer.