Connecting Shropshire

Superfast broadband coverage map

Connecting Shropshire has updated its current and projected coverage map ( to show the remaining contracted superfast broadband coverage from Airband’s State Aided contract with Shropshire Council, which is planned to complete by the end of 2022 (pink dots).

The map shows whether premises in the Council area currently have access to a superfast broadband connection, whether they are planned for delivery before June 2023, or have no current/planned coverage.

Note: we define superfast broadband as a download speed of at least 30mbps.

The map is based on information provided to Connecting Shropshire in March 2020 during the Market Intelligence Review, to which the following broadband infrastructure providers contributed:

Note: Openreach ( declined to provide information as part of the Market Intelligence Review, so previous data was used as a baseline. Shropshire Council used Openreach’s data as of December 2018 and updated the information using local intelligence and data that is available in the public domain through the Openreach wholesale website. Shropshire Council feel this data now represents an accurate position of Openreach’s current deployment in the Shropshire Council area.

If you have any questions, please contact Connecting Shropshire by email at:

Premises Dataset and Process of Review

Shropshire Council used the Ordnance Survey premises dataset as of February 2020.
Total premises: 151,328

Summary of premises classification:

145,352         Current superfast broadband coverage (grey dots)
    2,048         Planned coverage – Airband contracts (pink dots)
    2,523         Planned coverage – excluding Airband contracts (blue dots)
    1,405         No current or planned superfast broadband coverage (yellow dots)
151,328         TOTAL Premises

How to use the map

To access the map, go to:

The dynamic map has a number of data layers. These are illustrated in the legend in the top right-hand corner of the map. Once all the data has loaded you can toggle the relevant layers on or off by ticking the respective classifications.

When you left-click your mouse pointer on the dot on a premises you will be able to see a ‘pop up’ label that illustrates the property attributes in relation to the map legend.


Q. My property is showing as having superfast broadband available, how do I know which of the six broadband infrastructure provider(s) provide coverage?

A. Make contact directly with the suppliers listed below, or email your address details to

Q. My property is planned for superfast broadband delivery. How do I find out when?

A. Make contact directly with the suppliers listed below, or email your address details to

Q. My property is showing as No Current or Planned coverage – what are my options for accessing a superfast broadband connection?

A. The main options are:

If your property isn’t eligible for the Voucher Scheme or the Broadband USO, please email your address details to and we may be able to signpost you to other options.

Map disclaimer

Please note that the map consists of two layers; a base map layer and an address point dataset layer. Both represent a snapshot of the datasets, which are not necessarily taken at the same time. For example, newly built houses may show on one layer but not the other and houses which have been built very recently may not show on either layer.