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On this page we’ve gathered together a selection of links to external sites that you might find useful and informative. (Shropshire Council and the Connecting Shropshire team are not responsible for the content of, nor do they endorse any company/service or the opinions of external internet sites.)

How will it work?

Can I get fibre broadband at the moment?


How can I check my broadband speed?

There are various online checkers available, for example:

Tips for improving your broadband speed

Shropshire-based Internet Service Providers


Associated Telecom Solutions


Network Telecom

Fibre on Demand

FTTP on Demand means people can order FTTP if they are connected to an FTTC cabinet regardless of whether or not they are able to order FTTC due to speed restrictions. An order will be subject to survey and additional Excess Construction Charges (ECCs).

For further information please use the following Openreach FTTP on Demand expression of interest –

Apart from Openreach, we’re only aware of one other company prepared to offer this service (although there may be others that we’re unaware of), called FluidOne. For more information contact Elliott Marsh via email at: .


Alternative broadband solutions

If fibre broadband is not yet available in your area, there are alternatives that you could use to improve your current broadband speed or in the meantime:


Mobile broadband is often available in areas not yet served by fibre broadband. It is provided by a mobile telephony network and doesn’t require a landline. The strength of the connection will depend on the strength of the signal in your area. To check availability use Ofcom’s mobile coverage checkers see:


Wireless broadband is provided using radio waves sent from masts or relays. It relies on line-of-sight from the mast to your property, so you need to check with a supplier to confirm availability.

Local wireless broadband suppliers

Airband Community Internet Ltd

EPX Technical Services

ITS Technology Group

Secure Web Services Ltd

Userve Internet


Satellite broadband is the most widely available alternative solution accessible nearly everywhere in the county. It uses a satellite dish to provide two-way access to broadband services.

Satellite suppliers

ACL Telco Ltd

Avanti Communications


Broadband Everywhere

Broadband Wherever


Local fixed line broadband in Shropshire

Virgin Media

Bordering Counties broadband information

Connecting Shropshire is working with other neighbour Authorities who in most cases have similar broadband delivery projects. If you need information about what’s happening in the surrounding counties then follow these links: (Herefordshire and Gloucestershire)

Broadplaces and libraries

Around Shropshire you can access the internet at libraries and at broadplaces, click on the following links to find your nearest:

Shropshire Digital Inclusion Forum

Independent comparison of broadband packages

I can’t remember my postcode

Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK)

Get Shropshire Online

Ofcom broadband maps and data

Ofcom Infrastructure Report 2014

Benefits of fibre broadband

Business support