Connecting Shropshire

Why go superfast?

As the Connecting Shropshire programme continues, even more of you will be able to upgrade to superfast broadband. We know many of you are keen, but for those of you unsure about whether or not to take up the opportunity to upgrade, this section contains some useful information for you to consider.

The benefits of superfast broadband

Superfast broadband is significantly faster than standard broadband, providing download speeds of 30mbps or more.

Using superfast broadband means that you can:

  • download things much faster.
  • make high quality video calls over Wi-Fi.
  • easily access online TV and music streaming services.
  • have several people/devices using the same broadband connection at the same time in your home or business.

More information is available by clicking here

When considering whether to upgrade to superfast broadband, we recommend that you shop around to get the best deal by using a comparison website, such as: