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Connecting Shropshire secures additional funding for fibre broadband roll-out

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A further £1,454,257 has been awarded to Connecting Shropshire by the government to provide over 1,000 additional rural premises with access to faster fibre broadband.

This extra coverage will be provided under an extension to the current Connecting Shropshire programme being rolled-out by BT in partnership with Shropshire Council and Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK). Coverage details will be confirmed once technical surveys of the areas have been completed.

Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council cabinet member for broadband, said: “The Connecting Shropshire programme team have worked extremely hard to bring in this additional funding, which backs up our pledge as a Council to do all we can to secure additional funding to give access to fibre based broadband to as many homes and businesses in the Council area as possible.”

Communications Minister Ed Vaizey said: “This additional funding is excellent news for Shropshire and the extra £1,454,257 will take superfast broadband to an extra 1,000 premises that would otherwise have had to wait. The UK already does more business online than any other European country and widespread access to superfast speeds will provide a welcome boost to Shropshire’s economy.”

Rural Affairs Minister Dan Rogerson said: “Fast and reliable broadband coverage is crucial to building stronger rural economies and enabling farmers and all rural businesses to grow and thrive. This extra funding will allow rural businesses to benefit and will help close the rural and urban divide in broadband coverage.”


  1. I have been watching childs ercall exchange remain under evaluation for months now, and wondered if there was any progress likely on any timescale?, given that we have are on a relatively new (2006) fibre optic upgraded exchange but have never had ADSL2 enabled, and have no LLU providers, only standard ADSL .
    I have been led to understand the move away from enabling ADSL2 is due to the move towards the new fibre to cabinet /property technology as I understand the exchange was ready to be ADSL2 enabled, However it is now 2014 and I’m unsure whether Under Evaluation gives any likelyhood of seeing increased speeds even up to ADSL2 standard at any point.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Childs Ercall exchange is still under evaluation, it is in our programme area but as yet still to be surveyed. Regret I can’t provide any further information at this time. We will add information to our website when it becomes available. You need to speak with your ISP about the current speeds you get to find out if there is anything that can be done.

  2. In Sheriffhales we’re connected to Shifnal exchange, some 4-5 miles away. Broadband is 1.5 to 2Mbit on a good day. Is there expected to be an improvement as and when you upgrade Shifnal exchange? Will fibre be connected from Shifnal to the cabinet in Sheriffhales?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      We are currently surveying the Shifnal area and cannot be certain whether fibre will be connected from Shifnal to the cabinet in Sheriffhales. More information should be available in July when surveying is complete.

  3. Hi – we are WV15 6EP are we likely to get it soon – we are between six ashes and Alverley


  4. when will work commence at tern hill?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Expected 2015 more specific information will be available on our website when available.

  5. Just wondering, there was a big announcement that the Montford bridge exchange was infinity enabled. BT says that it is accepting orders and what I assume is our local cabinet had its picture in the press release – but I can’t seem to get superfast broadband. My postcode is SY4 1HB. Am I looking at the wrong cabinet, are we in the plans? If so any idea how long?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Montford Bridge has had some of it’s cabinets fibre enabled, therefore allowing access to some to fibre optic broadband via various ISP’s. Once part of an exchange is enabled it will show on the Openreach checker as Accepting Orders (AO) even if not all of the exchange area is complete. Montford Bridge is not complete and work will be ongoing through the next few months in this area which includes availability for your address.

  6. I am only getting 1mb will the Sambrook exchange be getting an upgrade in 2016 ?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Yes Sambrook is in our programme, work may start before the date you have suggested but still subject to survey.

  7. I have already expressed interest in getting faster broadband to my property, but I would like an update on the status of the Queens Head Exchange fibre optic enablement, and when properties in West Felton (a mile from the exchange) can expect connection.

  8. There is still no news when ford will be getting fibre originally it was due in march

  9. I understood that Neen Savage was not included in the original roll-out plan. However, your reply of April 8 indicates that it was. Would you please clarify the situation. Perhaps it is part of Cleobury Mortimer?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Could you please email directly to the Connecting Shropshire team your telephone number and address details so that we can respond.

  10. Justin Griffiths

    Please tell me that Calverhall is one of the exchanges under consideration for this new money. I realise that survey work will have to be carried out so we won’t hear for a few months which areas are to benefit. It is the norm for our download speed to be 0.8 mbs per second and we are trying to run a business here. Organising licences for animal movements online is a nightmare – a job that should only take seconds becomes a mornings work at times. To say we are frustrated, along with other local farmers and businesses, is an understatement!

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Could you send a direct email to Connecting Shropshire with your telephone number and full address details so we can advise accordingly.

  11. Any word on Nesscliffe exchange? Has been UE on the Openreach site for months and months? Thanks

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Still undergoing survey work so status won’t change until we have completed the evaluations. Please keep checking and look our for further announcements.

  12. Will this rollout effect properties in Button Bridge just on the border of Shropshire and Worcestershire? Our nearest exchange is on the outskirts of Kinlet and outer internet speeds are pitifully slow, sometimes dropping below 1mb/s. Thanks

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Please use the post code checker on the front page of this website also the Openreach where & when checker under related links

  13. Does this extra money mean that Neen Savage will now be included in the roll-out? If so, when?
    There is a multitude of small businesses and others in this Parish who would benefit greatly by implementation soon.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      The extra money will not be used in Neen Savage parish but this will not affect the original programme rollout for the area.

  14. I can not wait as my broadband drops just as I am trying to do on line banking and other important business.

  15. I hope that my house is one of the thousand premises but as the exchange isn’t even unbundled yet I doubt we’ll see it happen anytime soon.

  16. North Shropshire is conspicuous by its absence yet again !!

  17. The further funding is great news, but please, please, please can someone reassure us that something will soon be done about the BT Bromfield exchange. Our download speed varies between just167 kbps and 700 kbps which makes it impossible to use the internet for anything much really. As a result we have the choice of only two broadband providers who charge exhorbitant sums for this very poor service. I called a few months ago and was informed we would be getting the superfast broadband but have heard nothing since. Hope you can help.

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Bromfield exchange is in the programme plans but is still subject to survey work being completed. Nothing has changed from when you called some months ago. This is a large project not completing until 2016. When we are able to confirm more details for the area we will do. Exchange status can be checked at

  18. Quatford was up for upgrade in “Spring 2014”. Is there a likely date yet? as our current Broadband is a rubbish 1.2mbs.
    We are about 800 meters from the “new green box”. I take it that the box is connected to the existing copper. What is the likely speed we would get from Fibre Broadband?
    Thanks in advance. Pete

    • Connecting Shropshire

      The Quatford cabinet has yet to be completed, no definite date yet but should be soon. We will tweet and post on facebook when it goes live. Your ISP will be able to advise on speeds available when placing your order, hopefully you will be able to get superfast.

  19. What happened to ford. Was supposed to go live in March, now it’s dropped off the radar..?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      It is just not completed yet but will be soon, cannot give definite date yet but will tweet & post on facebook when it is live.

  20. 1,000 is a drop in the ocean and meaningless unless you are lucky enough to be one of those 1000.

  21. Our property is on the A49 (down a track) near Marshbrook. Will we be included as part of the project? At the moment our exchange is listed as ‘under evaluation’. Our postcode is SY6 6RQ