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You can boost your Broadband speeds with alternative options

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There are several options available to people wanting to improve their broadband speeds whilst waiting to access fibre broadband.

Alternative options include 4G, Wireless and Satellite broadband.

If your current broadband speeds aren’t fast enough, these alternative solutions offer a short term fix until fibre broadband become available.

A Shropshire business, Corve Barn Farm ( is now enjoying a boost in its broadband speeds having recently had wireless broadband installed.

Struggling with slow speeds, Margaret and Chris Davies, the business owners, applied for a grant through the business connection voucher scheme, funded by Broadband Delivery UK and administered by Digital Birmingham.

This dish provides access to wireless broadband with download speeds of up to 30mbps
This dish provides access to wireless broadband with download speeds of up to 30mbps

Margaret Davies, co-owner of Corve Barn Farm, said:

“The fitting of the system was all done in one morning and caused minimal disruption. It was very quick. We now get 30mbps (download) and 4mbps (upload), so it’s much faster. It will save us time on VAT online, bookings, banking, shopping, everything. This solution is fast enough to do the job quickly.

“It’s been fantastic for us, and it’s going to change our work life, home life, everything.”

To read the full case study, see:

Steve Charmley, Shropshire Council Cabinet member responsible for broadband, said:

“Fibre broadband is available to many homes and businesses in the Shropshire Council area, but the Council know that there is still more to be done. Work to roll-out fibre broadband will continue to 2018, but I appreciate the frustration of those people not yet within reach of a fibre broadband service who are unable to access the internet.

Whilst not all properties have access to a fibre broadband service, some people may already be able to benefit from alternative broadband technologies such as wireless, 4G mobile and satellite. If your broadband speeds are not fast enough for your needs, I’d recommend looking at alternative broadband providers.”

Further Information

What are my options for Better Broadband?


You can check current and planned availability of fibre broadband services in the Shropshire Council area at:


You may be able to get a 4G mobile broadband connection, which can provide download speeds averaging 15+mbps (To find out more, go to:

You can check current availability of 4G mobile broadband services at the Ofcom mobile coverage checker:


Some parts of the Shropshire Council area are covered by wireless broadband service providers. You can check whether they cover your area by visiting the following websites:


(Shropshire Council is not responsible for the content of, nor do they endorse any company/service or the opinions of external internet sites.)

Shropshire Council will shortly be introducing a Basic Broadband Subsidy Scheme, which is a national initiative designed by Broadband Delivery UK to provide access to a satellite broadband service for the homes and businesses that are unable to receive broadband download speeds in excess of 2 megabits per second (mbps), and are not currently planned to benefit from the superfast broadband roll out. We’ll publish more details about this as soon as we can.


  1. Come on everyone, things are progressing.
    Yes it is frustrating to be told you are too far away – I too have been told that.
    Yes there should be more cabinets (or FTTDp) to satisfy a lot more Shropshire businesses and residents.
    BUT everything I read is that ‘phase 2 and phase 3’ is meant to be for distant locations. We are only just getting to the end of phase 1 and we all need the exchanges and cabinets to be enabled first before we can have any hope of more cabinets and fibre to distribution poles.
    Is that right Connecting Shropshire?

    • Connecting Shropshire

      Yes that’s correct. The Connecting Shropshire programme runs till 2018 and we remain committed to providing superfast broadband to as many more premises as possible in areas without access to fibre broadband. This could be funded by programme savings during our current Phase 1 deployment or from the balance of money that was not spent in our Phase 2 procurement.

  2. Another technology that offers fast broadband connectivity is broadband bonding (the combination of multiple broadband lines to provide faster aggregated connections). This is very cost-effective and easy to deploy and provides resilience and redundancy by virtue of the use of multiple connections.

  3. The BT/Shropshire Council claims to have rolled out fast fibre BB into the rural areas is unfortunately massively overstated – its easy to claim that the exchange has been ‘enabled’ but the acid test is the number of cabinets and their locations – many people were led to believe that they would be able to benefit once their exchange was enabled only to find that they live too far from the nearest cabinet to be able to access the new services. Its about time there was some new investment in additional cabinets so that we can all start to enjoy useable download and, in particular, upload speeds – until then please stop boasting about a service that hasn’t really got off the ground for many people !

  4. it is infuriatingly annoying to be told by Shropshire Broadband- who did a speed check online with one’s post code- that one’s exchange has been fibred and that one will get high speed access , to contact BT and be told the same after their online speed checker, to arrange and stay in for the delivery of a new router, to arrange and stay in for an appointment with the engineer …and then to be told by the engineer when he attempts to switch on, that there is no way one could get fibre speeds as one is too far from the exchange. This in pathetically inept service.

  5. The BT provision was far too over hyped. Whats happened is that BT and Shropshire Broadband can brag about their achievements – paid for by the taxpayer – of enabling loads of cabinets whilst most premises strangely find they are too far away from a cabinet to benefit.