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Connecting Shropshire endorses alternate solutions for faster broadband

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Eligible homes and businesses in Shropshire have access to a subsidised broadband installation. The Scheme is part of Shropshire Council’s Connecting Shropshire programme and is supported by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK).

The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme subsidises by up to £400 the cost of installing a better broadband connection using alternative technologies such as fixed wireless, mobile 4G or satellite.

Shropshire residents are eligible if their home or business does not have access to a basic broadband service with a download speed of more than 2Mbps.

Recipient of alternative broadband solution in rural Shropshire in front of green trees on a sunny day with their wireless broadband service.

This dish provides access to fixed wireless broadband with download speeds of up to 30Mbps

Since January 2016 Connecting Shropshire have issued 313 Subsidy Codes to Shropshire Council residents whose premises receive less than 2Mbps.

Successful applicants use their Subsidy Code to order a subsidised connection from an approved supplier, but they still need to pay the monthly cost, which starts at around £25 per month.

Steve Charmley, Deputy Leader of Shropshire Council and member responsible for broadband, said:  “While Connecting Shropshire have already delivered fibre broadband to over 54,000 premises, we recognise that there are those who are still receiving less than 2Mbps who need better broadband now, ahead of us undertaking our next procurement which is imminent.
The main aim for Connecting Shropshire is to bring faster broadband speeds to as many Shropshire Council residents and businesses as possible whether it be through fibre broadband or alternative solutions.
There are many alternative broadband services available and the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme makes them more accessible to more Shropshire residents.”

Successful applicant to the Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme, John Duffus said: “We’ve had our new broadband connected and it’s absolutely brilliant. 15Mbps download speed now compared to 2.5Mbps at best before. We can stream and surf to our hearts content! Many, many thanks for your help and identifying this for us.”

Chris Taylor, of Connecting Shropshire, said: “Connecting Shropshire is committed to providing superfast broadband across Shropshire but due to the rural nature of the county this is not a solution that can be achieved overnight. The Subsidy Scheme offers a realistic solution for some hard-to-reach homes and businesses and could make a real difference to their connectivity.”

The Government has committed to giving access to 2Mbps download speed (a basic broadband service) to every premise in the UK. To date, Connecting Shropshire have brought fibre broadband to over 54,000 homes and businesses across the Shropshire Council area.

Shropshire Council recognise the opportunity for digital communities and remain committed to its broadband aspiration to provide all premises with access to superfast broadband by 2020.

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