Connecting Shropshire

Open Market Review

Connecting Shropshire’s Open Market Review (OMR) is now CLOSED.

Shropshire Council is commencing the formal process of how to extend NGA* broadband coverage over the next three years with the supplier market.

As part of this process, the Council wants to make contact with all existing and prospective broadband infrastructure providers in the Shropshire Council area to understand their commercial plans and planned investment over the next three years. This will inform the process of understanding which areas require additional public support and investment.

If you wish to participate in the OMR, please follow the instructions as defined in the attached letter.

20160603 – OMR Shropshire FINAL

The OMR is open from June 3 2016 and will close at 23:59 on July 3 2016.

A public consultation process will follow on from the OMR and will be published on this website in due course.

email for more information.

*NGA – capable of delivering 30 Megabits per second.